Digital entertainment for brand strategy

Snowite empower your digital strategy with its expertise in audio and video Entertainment.

Our added value for your clients

  • Loyalty

    Build a special and long-lasting relationship with your clients.

  • Recruitment

    Get new clients and create a sense of belonging

  • Experience

    Offer a brand experience to your clients

  • Emotion

    Share powerful emotions with your clients thanks to music and video.

  •    20 major and independent labels
    let us use their catalogue

  •    Over 50 countries targeted
    with our services

  • Over 500 000users on
    our apps

  • Over100 Mstreams
    on our platforms

Digital entertainment for brands

  • 623,2 Millions users on the audio streaming platforms 
    ​in 2015 — Source : Statista
  • 233,1 Millions users of VOD services in the world 
    in 2015 — Source : Statista
  • The global digital video revenues have increased by
    16.07% between 2013 and 2014 — Source : GFK Retail
  • The music digital revenues have increased by 6.9%
    between 2013 and 2014 with $6.85 billion sales. — Source : IFPI